About Us

At Techsolint, our goal is to provide exceptional professional services and innovative technology solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We specialize in a wide range of advanced information technology solutions from Systems Engineering to Information Assurance, and from Software Development to Product Solutions. We provide technological subject matter expertise, design and implement state-of-art solutions to cater to the needs of dynamic environment in governmental, private and commercial sectors. We are customer-focused and solution-driven organization and meeting your technological needs is our prime objective.

Vision Statement

Techsolint will ensure customers get a solution for technological tasks, delivered to their satisfaction. Our vision is to:

Distinguish ourselves as an innovative provider of high-quality innovative engineering and technology solutions

Be recognized for our ability to rapidly provide these solutions in the most challenging and complex situations.

Our Mission

To hold true to our vision and corporate values, our mission’s goals are as follows:

Deliver customer-focused information technology solutions through innovation and collaboration with those we serve in the government and commercial markets.

Develop strategic relationships with our technology providers to ensure our customers have access to superior technology.

Strive for innovation by providing our employees and customers with an environment that encourages creative solutions.

Promote organizational quality through a unique integration of people, process and technology.

Our Values

Techsol International adheres to ethical practices in engineering and collaborative working style. Our values are:

Integrity. We will keep our word and be truthful in our interactions with customers, suppliers and employees.

Growth. We continuously seek ways to develop and improve ourselves, both as a company and as individual employees.

Harmony. We foster a cooperative and collaborative atmosphere within our company and in our dealings with others.

Success. We exhibit the will and determination to succeed in every aspect of our work.

Innovation. We have a strong desire and ability to venture into new, breakthrough areas of technology and opportunity.