Data Management

A complete master data management solution addresses the critical business objectives digital organizations face. Techsolint offers the only true end-to-end solution, with a modular approach to ensure better customer experience, decision making and compliance.

A modular approach to master data management ensures your Techsolint is fail-proof. You can start small with only a few domains, such as customer, product, and supplier, and grow as your requirements grow.

Techsolint  fits your unique requirements. It can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud and is perfectly designed for the realities of the hybrid world.

Techsolint is not just about match and merge. Your success relies heavily on comprehensiveness of the solution

  • Ability to acquire the data quickly, whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, and from third-party sources
  • Ability to understand the patterns and vitiations and suggest required corrections
  • Allow you to easily enrich master data from external data providers
  • Create a trusted view and securely deliver data for both analytical and operational use case

These end-to-end capabilities bring data quality, data integration, business process, management, security is key to 1,200+ customers who use our technology today for mission-critical requirements. It delivers:

  • A single view of the data—Creating a single, authoritative view of business-critical data from disparate, duplicate, and conflicting information lets you see, for instance, that Rob Barnes and Robert Barnes are the same person.
  • A 360-degree view of the relationships—Business rules let you identify the relationships among the data, so you can combine data showing Robert Barnes owns a Razor scooter with data showing he bought it at a Target store.
  • A complete view of all interactions—Integrating the transactions and social interactions that have occurred with that product, customer, channel partner, or other data element gives you a complete view of that customer.