Learn Windows Form Application

Windows Forms training course provides a practical, hands-on introduction to GUI development using Windows Forms and C#. This five-day version of the course introduces database programming in Windows and includes extensive coverage of powerful .NET Windows Forms features, such as modern controls, data binding, and ClickOnce deployment for creating smart client applications.

More advanced controls are introduced, including the tree view and tab control. Resources are discussed, including their use in localization. The Application class is covered. Applications settings are discussed, including use of configuration files and the Registry. The course concludes with an introduction to data access in Windows applications and with coverage of .NET Windows Forms features.


  • 16 Hours


  • Understand the fundamentals of Windows Forms architecture
  • Acquire proficiency in the use of Visual Studio to create professional class Windows applications
  • Gain a thorough grounding in the important controls provided by Windows Forms
  • Learn how to implement dialogs, menus, toolbars and status bars
  • Learn how to use advanced controls, such as tree views, splitters and tabbed dialogs
  • Understand the use of resources and application settings in Windows Forms applications
  • Learn how to implement data access using ADO.NET and binding of controls
  • Gain an understanding of new controls, data binding and ClickOnce deployment


This is a hands-on course. We apply a powerful learning cycle of short lecture, examples and labs on each topic. Each student gets lab code.


Windows Form Application Development

  • Windows Client Technologies
  • Architectural Patterns
  • Understanding and Creating Database in MSSQL
  • Windows Form Layout options
  • Designing Windows Forms using 3rd Party Tools
  • Creating Simple Windows Form application
  • Working with Dataset and Queries

Standard Controls – Windows Application

  • Labels
  • Textboxes
  • RichTextBox
  • Button
  • CheckBox
  • RadioButton
  • ComboBox
  • PictureBox
  • ListBox
  • ImageList
  • ListView
  • TabControl
  • MenuStrip
  • DataGridView
  • DatePicker

Event Handlers

MDI Forms

Dialog Forms

Visual Inheritance

Working with Multiple Tables

Custom Controls