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Automation Anywhere empowers people whose ideas, thoughts and focus make the companies they work for great . They deliver the world’s most sophisticated Digital Workforce Platform making work more human by automating business processes and liberating people. Automating rules-based human tasks through software robots with scalability, security and governance fit for the modern digital enterprise.

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About Us

We can also improve your business and overall satisfaction by constantly listening to you to customize our processes and services in order to produce the best possible solution.

With a decade of professional industrial experience Techsolint is the complete package for your technology needs. Not only we can design, develop, and support your custom web and mobile applications, but we can also take care of your PCs, network, phones, website, and software. No matter what your needs are, Techsolint has a solution for you.


Techsolint wants to collaborate with you to make your business more productive. This is achieved by offering flexible, cost-effective solutions for your communication and data services.

We are transformed

Techsolint that powers your vision with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We were honoured to be selected by Forbes magazine as one of four AI companies in Asia that will transform the world.

Automated Solutions
Data Science
Real-time Predictions
Cyber Physical System

We are always Improving

While improving our professional skill and learning the latest technology every day, we keep on challenging as the group of proposing-style system engineers.

We are always Passionate

We provide high quality and value-added services to customers and societies as our “highlighted skill,” and aim for global contributions.

We are always Seeking

We seek for solution which will accelerate the innovation. As a futurist, we can relate to the vision of the future world as well as igniting engineers who are eager to contribute in this field.


Our AI has helped clients in healthcare, telecommunications, travel, hospitality, utility, insurance and banking, among other industries with large, consumer-facing operations.

What We Do

We can help you to grow your business.

Cloud Native Computing
IoT / AI
Network Infrastructure
Customized Solutions